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Vision X invests heavily in structural lighting where the new LED technology opens up to completely new opportunities that saves both the environment and money!

Vision X is investing heavily in the development of structural lighting where the new LED technology can save money and the environment. Vision X LED lighting is much more energy efficient than traditional lighting, longer lifespan and reduces service and maintenance costs.

Calculations are available that show exactly how much the savings could be when replacing the most common traditional illuminations such as metal halide lamps.

Vision X LED lights is possible to mount on parking lots, garages, workplaces, tunnels, cranes, masts, poles, ships, etc. Application possibilities are endless where we help you to take it from the calculation and design stage right through to installation and operation.

See below some of the benefits of the Vision X LED lighting for your fixed installation of lighting:

bar Vision X arbetsplatsbelysning

Vision X Pitmaster applikation bar Vision X flood light rendering

Vision X LED lights are very energy efficient and sustainable with up to 50 000 burning hours at full power without service and maintenance. The lights are available in various models, brightness and classifications of up to IP69K, 60Grms vibration class and EMC CISPR25 Class 5. While ATEX lights are in range for installation in extremely demanding and sensitive environments. The durability of the lighting has been proven over and over again including the assembly of drilling rigs used in the most demanding environments with vibration and impact which can hardly be imagined.

We help to develop estimates of the exact number of luminaires required to achieve the brightness desired on the ground. In the calculations you also see how each luminaire will be addressed and the light pattern that is best suited to achieve the best possible lighting conditions. This will optimize the lighting, and can often save costs both in purchase and in operation. LED lights are easier to control with different kinds of optics which gives a more even light output and reduces the risk of "obscure" parties.

Vision X parking lot bar Vision X fast belysning

LED lights can be switched on/off thousands of times without any lifespan decreases. When you turn on/off the LED lights they do not consume any extra power, which opens up new opportunities. The lighting also has the ability to be controlled.
In a parking lot, for example, the lights can be dimmed from 0 % power and up when the evening darkness arrives and in the morning go from 100 % power and down when the sun goes up. That will save hours of usage and power.

To save additional energy and lifetime there are even more possibilities. If we go back to the parking area there is no reason that the lights should be lit at 100 % power if there is no one in the parking lot.
Let us say that the lighting is lit with 25 % power when no one is staying in the parking lot, as soon as someone walks or drives in the parking lot the light will be dimmed up to 100 % power via a motion detector. With all these new possibilities it is possible to reduce both power consumption and lifespan considerably.

Vision X garage light bar vision x flood lights

Daylight compared with traditional "yellow" lights, Vision X LED lights have a color temperature that is very close to natural light, making the surfaces that are illuminated not look "obscure" and dark. With Vision X lights, optimized for the human eye makes you feel more secure and safe.

By replacing, for example, a 400 watt metal halogen lamp against a Vision X LED lamp you can save up to 60 % energy while getting up to 30 % more light. Then possibilities like motion detectors, dimming etc. is not included that will increase the savings even more.

bar Vision X arbetsplatsbelysning

See above video showing how a rendering can look like, showing how the light will perfom before assembly has been done physically. This allows you to add and subtract fixtures and experiment with different light patterns until you are pleased.

Vision X application possibilities are numerous and have been installed all around the world with multiple reference customers such as hospitals, ports, parking lots, mining tunnels, work sites, etc. Even NASA has given Vision X their trust by mounting the lights on the new moon buggy called "Back to the Moon".

Please contact us for more information about what we can do for you in terms of fixed lighting!

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